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About Us

My staff at Affinity Referral Network is dedicated to focusing on you, the consumer, for a seamless transition from point A to B. Over the past ten years I have identified exceptional professionals everywhere in the country. I chose those for ARN that I would want to do business with if I were relocating.

Reliability and Accountability are two ingredients vital to our success.

We at Affinity have the heart of a teacher.

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CEO Founder
When Linda was a child, real estate was a family passion. Like friends, family and neighbors sharing a meal together, proudly prepared by her mom, always cooking for an army, they shared not only neighborly conversations but loved the real estate stories. Stories of happy buyers and sellers (a few odd ones, too), whether moving near or far. Linda’s dad always had a fond memory to share, remembering every detail, it seemed. Some afternoons they’d go on for hours! Linda recalls how excited she would get listening, and the many questions she would ask. She knows her passion grew from those times. Throughout her real estate career, she always spoke of loving the challenges of fulfilling a client’s needs or making the connections needed for a seamless transaction…and all the interesting people she’d meet along the way! Thus, Affinity Referral Network was born. It is not only thriving, but growing rapidly. Helping people just like you relocate across town or country. Linda uses her God given talent and as you relocate with ARN, you, too, will experience the passion Linda has brought to her company. Where do YOU want to go?


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